Insurance Claims Assistance

Our team has had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s most trusted insurers and know the best ways to expedite an insurance claim. We can produce a quote on your damage that pleases both you and your insurer, allowing us to get a start on repairing your vehicle and getting you back on the road sooner.

Chassis Alignment

In many cases after a particularly heavy collision, the very framework of your vehicle, or chassis, is warped or bent out of shape, affecting your ability to safely drive your vehicle and compromising your vehicle should it be in a second accident.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest in Car-O-Liner chassis measurement and jigging equipment, allowing us to accurately compare your vehicle’s current condition to that of its manufacturer specifications. This gives us a crystal clear idea of exactly what sort of damage your chassis has suffered, letting us repair your vehicle with greater speed and accuracy and get you back on the road sooner.

Panel Repairs

In addition to conventional panel repairs and replacement, we can also conduct a number of specialty jobs, from welding in a variety of compounds with our state of the art equipment to rust proofing and rust removal.

Spray Painting & Refinishing

With our range of environmentally friendly waterborne spray paints, top of the line spray guns, and experienced spray painting professionals, we can match your vehicle’s existing colour with a mixture of our own water-based paints, which ensure an even, faster drying coat that’s both environmentally friendly and up to Australia’s strict standards for vehicle painting. Your paint is then applied in one of our purpose built low bake spray painting booths, to ensure a smooth, unblemished finish.

In addition to our conventional painting, we can also provide business owners with decals and signwriting for that personalised touch.

Paintless Dent Repairs

Many instances of minor damage to your vehicle’s panels, such as that from hail or stone damage or light car park bumps, can be repaired without causing damage to the layer of paint above, saving us the need to sand your vehicle down to repair the metal then paint over the affected area.

Our workshop is equipped with the specialty tools required to conduct paintless dent removal on your car’s body, saving you the time and cost of a new coat of paint. If you have some bumps and dents you’d like to smooth out carefully and cheaply, find out today whether paintless dent removal is the right option for you.

General Mechanical Repairs

Many smash repairers will rely on third-party technicians to handle their mechanical and electrical repairs, then add the cost into the bill for your panels and paint. At Winfield Automotive Services, we’ll conduct a broad range of mechanical and electrical work ourselves, saving you money.

We can handle general repairs for your vehicle’s:

  • brake systems, from replacing worn brake pads, discs, drums and more
  • steering and suspension, from steering column repairs to replacement suspension components
  • clutch and transmission, including fluid changes and drive train repairs
  • cooling systems, from replacement radiators and heater units to coolant flushes
  • auto electrical system, including replacement batteries, alternators, starter motors and more
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